I have a very distinct style which I have built my reputation upon. My work is about capturing those personal moments and specific details that make a wedding personal.

Whilst it’s important to get those classic shots we all expect, I believe brides, grooms and guests are at their most beautiful when they are comfortable.

My objectives are about giving a real flavour of the day to anybody that didn’t attend, to make them feel like they experienced it too. If I can achieve this, my hope is always that when couples look back on their photos in 10, 20 or 50 years, the memories and feelings from that day will come flooding back to them.

I live in the historic market town of Ampthill with my husband Mark and my devilishly handsome boys, Harry & Vinnie. Between our two careers (Mark runs a building company) we live a pretty hectic lifestyle, but we always find time for our family. A wedding is a bit like a microcosm of having a young family really. It’s so precious but it all seems to happen so quickly. It’s important to savour those great moments when you know you’re in them.

I guess you need to know a little something about me if I’m going to be at your wedding! Well, I’m very sociable and sunny, but I do take my work very seriously. That means we’ll have a lot of fun in the run up to your wedding, talking about what works for you and what we both need to know.

It’s important that you can trust in, and rely upon, my ability to shoot high quality photos, but I also love to hear from you about any ideas you may have. Some people have lots, some just leave me to it, I’m easy either way.

When it comes to the day I like to be a little more serious during the structured shots and "can’t miss" moments. then I like to blend into the background as the day progresses so people won’t notice me as I capture those candid moments.