Charlotte & Nick had a stunning Church wedding in Olney, Buckinghamshire, followed by a beautiful reception in Chichleley Hall, Buckinghamshire.

The weather was nit great as it did rain for a lot of the day but this didn’t stop Charlotte & Nick having the best day of their lives!! So – bridal prep was lovely – Charlotte was getting ready at her mum and dads lovely Bed and Breakfast in Olney, so we had a fab choice of rooms! She had her best friend, bridesmaid her mum and dad with her during the build up to the ceremony – we got some lovely intimate photos – charlotte was so relaxed it was so easy capturing all the love and laughter that morning.

So – I went to the church to find Nick and his best men, they had decided to cycle to the church!!!! Luckily no one got dirty of fell off lol!! the boys greeted their guests who quickly entered the church to escape the light rain while e waited for the bride to arrive. Charlotte looked lovely obviously as she turned up in the car they had hired. The walk with her dad to the church was extra,e,ly pretty so got some lovely shots here, and a really lovely shot of the pair entering the church. After the ceremony – guests gathered outside for the confetti – umbrellas protected them all from the showers – the rain didn’t stop anyone having an amazing time!!

One of my favourite parts of the day was next as we visited Charlottes’ horses at the stables so she could say hi, we got some amazing lighting and fab pictures of her fur babies!!

After a quick hello – we shot off to Chicheley Hall – as it was little wet – it was straight inside, but Chiceley is a really lovely light venue so again – we got lovely pictures. I shot the groups upstairs as although the rain wants awful – we thought we would keep everyone a bit dry ad the room we fund was actually lovely so decided to take the opportunity to be but different. Charlotte and Nick were absolutely great – they both were so up for great pics so didn’t care about the weather and went outside – as you can see it was well worth it!!!!

Wedding food as always was d-lish!! I was naughty and chose a massive bar burger while the guests ate their meals – it was yummy!!! We then had speeches are were lovely – Charlotes Dad, Nick and the Best man all did her proud!! Again I stayed till first dance and got the loveliest shots of the Bride and g=her From – and more lovely images of the Bride sonf her proud dad… Check out the pics!!

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