Xangi & David had an amazing wedding at Coltsfoot County Retreat, Hertfordshire, the weather was extremes of lush sunshine and heat and a few rainstorms interspersed, but we made it work!

I arrived early for the bridal prep. This was great as there were loads of bridesmaids along with Xangi’s lovely mum and Xangi and David’s beautiful son, T, so was a laugh a minute! Xangi had an amazing pair of diamanté Converse to change into later that day which I wanted to steal as I loved them so much – bridesmaids wore two piece dresses – sequin tops and floaty skirts – they looked fab. The wedding dress itself was amazing, it was actually three pieces – which Xangi actually designed herself! It had a beautifully embroidered gown overlaying a stunning classic ivory dress, that itself had the bottom part come off ready for the party – and Xangi does love to dance!

The pair got married outside in Coltsfoot Country Retreat, so guests were seated in the lovey sunshine… Xangi & Davids dog was first down the isle with T, very cute!! After the ceremony, guests congratulated the newly weds with a ribbon archway – Xangi made the ribbon sticks herself, they were really wonderful as you cant use confetti in Coltsfoot – this made a great photo!

The weather was lush – but very hot so we got cracking with the groups straight away – in the shade of course..! Lighting was lovely which is demonstrated in the pics below! While guests started in the reception drinks and canopies, we snuck off for fifteen mins to grab the all important couple photos – Xangi and David were such a laugh so these were easy as pie to do – we got some lovely images of them. I also had the opportunity to take the bridesmaids out the from as the lighting was amazing – to get some more relaxed and fun groups shots with drinks and shades!

Xangi and David made a lot of their wedding bits and pieces by hand – it was so lovely to see all the effort they put in – from origami place names, cacti fir centrepieces, lovely lego place names for the top table and some gifts – the list goes on… one of may favs was the fact that they had provided glow sticks, rings, flashing head bands for party time later!

I always look forward to a bit of wedding grub, and today was one of my favourites so far in my career – posh curry! It was delicious, mixed starters and I chose the extremely hot main dish – which was a tase sensation!!! LUSH Speeches followed – these were great – a bit of Polish and bit of English – I love speeches – its here when you get some excellent reaction shots from guests, and a lot of emotion can be captured here too.

Xangi and David put on a fabulous day and evening – I was booked to stay until first dance but ended up staying another hour as the dancing was such a laugh…

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